How To Get Kylie Jenner’s Lips

Kylie Jenner has set multiple trends this year, aside from overtaking her sister Kim as the most popular family member. Miss Kylie has become one to watch. The 18 year old has so much style and sass it was only a matter of time before her trends caught on. This year she has been noticed particularly for her lips. From nude to warm mocha, Kylie has rocked a variety of lip colours.
Many people have been wondering how she gets her lips looking so plumped, matte and flawless. In this post we’ll share how you can achieve this glamorous look. The key to this is a Liquid Lipstick. There are many benefits to using liquid lipsticks and they’re really popular due to their ability to be long lasting and dry quickly when applied. In addition as they dry matte, a lip gloss can be used a topcoat for extra shine. At this point you’re probably thinking where can you get your hands on this product? Well wonder no more.

Superdrug and Debenhams are two stores that sell these products. Within Superdrug, MUA and Make up Revolution are both brands that produce liquid lipsticks. MUA Velvet Lips Lipstick has a retail price of £3 and is available in 10 different shades. They have darker colours which may be more suited for the current season of autumn. Make up revolution Velvet Lacquer are at the same retail prices of £3 and available in 7 shades. This brand produces more brighter colours which can pretty much be worn all year round.

These products are perfect for beginners getting used to liquid lipsticks however if you would prefer something more high end head over to Debenhams. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes long lasting liquid lipstick is available for £13.50 in 8 different shades. They have a mixture of colours to suit all occasions. Why not try out a liquid lipstick next time you’re out shopping, you’ll soon have everyone crushing on your luscious lips as we are on Kylie Jenner. All products are also available online. Happy Shopping !

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