Female manager making business plans for success.
The boss loves you!

How To Get That Well-Deserved Raise

This scenario may ring a bell for many people: you have been working for a lengthy period of time, doing a job at which you’re great, but you cannot recall the last time you received a raise. This problem will affect many people out there – but if you don’t speak up your wages will never increase. Remember, the little lost lamb is never heard! If you are good at your job and you feel you deserve that well-earned raise, here are a few tips to ensure you succeed. Go on – you’re worth it!

1. Make yourself indispensable

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Portrait of a successful businesswoman looking at laptop screen in office

Ensure your boss knows how indispensable you are. By tending to your boss’s every whim, (within reason) and letting him/her see how committed you are to the job will stand you in good stead for getting that well-deserved raise.

2. Take initiative

Woman at computer
Taking the initiative

Consider daily tasks and discover ways to improve the success of the company for which you work. Taking the initiative – going the extra mile will demonstrate dedication to your work.

3. Put in overtime and make a note of how much you do.

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Overtime is key!

Write down a list of all the extra hours you put in so that you can present this to your boss when asking for a raise. Loyalty goes a long way.

4. Devise a list of additional key roles you now do.

Woman's hand, notebook and computer
Always log your work.

Do you find that the amount of responsibilities that fall on your shoulders have crept up over time but with no extra pay? Make a list of all of the extra roles of which you now undertake – that’s right, ready for your imminent meeting,

5. Ask for a meeting with your boss.

Female manager making business plans for success.
The boss loves you!

The night before your meeting, spend some time considering all of the very good reasons as to why you deserve that raise. Your meeting should be short and sweet – do not waffle on. Instead be calm and direct, clear and concise. Listing the extra responsibilities you have, the overtime you agree to, and of course how essential you are for the company. By the end of the conversation your boss will be both impressed and ready to offer you the raise you deserve.

Image sources: CrainsNewYork, Static Pexels