How To Have Sexy Legs And Feet

Ladies and gents, we’ve got some exciting news to share that is sure to get your legs and feet feeling and looking great. We came across this amazing Foot Expertise brand that ensures total health and well-being for feet and legs. Can be used by both men and women and contains no artificial ingredients too.

Here’s how to get sexy legs and feet all year round using Foot Expertise.

Foot Expertise Active Care £12.99

This active care is a powerful moisturising lotion that leaves the feet soft, velvety and conditioned. Preventing roughness, dryness and thickening, by nourishing and hydrating the skin intensively and protecting the natural barrier function.

The pulling sensation caused by hair removal, shaving or sun damaged skin are immediately relieved. So why not opt for this non-greasy, quick absorbing and long-lasting active care. Best part is; it contains no parabens, no silicons, no alcohol, no mineral oils and no colouring agents and it is suitable for all foot skin types.

Blister Shield £11.99

Just like the name says; Blister Shield is a watery-rich compound that helps to create an invisible, protective film, smoothing the skin, reducing friction and rubbing and cushioning bruised skin as well as preventing the formation of blisters.

Foot Expertise Blister Shield is said to act as a second skin, it leaves no residues on socks and shoes, it also allows the skin to breathe and it is suitable for hands too. It also contains amazing ingredients including Serine Sodium Hyaluronate, a powerful humectant attracting and retaining water, with high molecular weight to hold on to skin surface while giving it volume.

Capillary Plus £13.49 

This rich jelly cream is ideal for severe conditions of heaviness, swelling and tiredness due to excess weight, pregnancy, long flights, strong heat and heavy sporting activities. Excellent for geriatric legs and feet suffering from thin epidermis, capillary fragility and poor circulation that causes fluid retention in tissues.

It helps to improve micro-circulation, lymph-drainage and veins elasticity, protecting the vessels and is effective against capillary fragility, thus visibly supporting the reduction of swelling. It helps to relieve the symptoms of Heavy Legs Syndrome, a physical condition usually caused by poor circulation.

Its highly moisturising power provides an immediate fatigue relief to legs, feet and ankles: the feeling of tension fades and the skin immediately appears toned up, smooth and elastic.

Cracks Refiller £11.99

The ultimate healing treatment for cracked feet. This soothing cream replenishes, calms and repairs severely cracked heels prone to or suffering from fissures. Highly effective against foot hyperkeratosis, the rich formula acts with a regenerating and remedial effect against deep fissures, activating the natural skin regeneration process and helping to restore healthy skin.

The hydro regulative active ingredients “replace” the natural moisturizing factors washed out by external aggressive detergents, preventing in this way premature desquamation of the epithelial cells and loss of suppleness.

The amazing thing about Foot Expertise is that their products contains no parabens, no SLS/SLES, no silicons, no alcohol, no PEG/PPG, no mineral oils, no artificial colouring agents. And is suitable for all foot skin types, also for diabetics.

Why not give your feet a little extra pamper this winter.


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