Man and woman kissing
Passion is...

How To Keep Your Man Wanting More

Have you reached that comfortable stage in your relationship? Do you have mutual love, but worry he may lose interest? Once the intense passion begins to level out, many women wonder if their significant other will become bored. Here are some tricks to always keep your boyfriend wanting more.

Man and woman kissing
Passion is…

1. The element of surprise

Instead of having his tea and favourite TV programme waiting, when your man arrives home, try this: Invest in some sexy underwear, light a few candles, and cook him something fabulous. When your partner returns, tired from the day, he will open the door to find you dressed in your new super sexy lingerie, waiting to tend to his every need. This will send your man wild, and what’s more, he will get hot under the collar every time he thinks of you -for a long time.

2. Whisper sweet nothings

At various points in the day, whisper in your man’s ear – something short, sweet and dirty. If he is not around, send him a few random texts, telling him how hot he makes you, or perhaps share a fantasy. Anticipation will get the better of him, and he will not be able to stop thinking about you.

3. Try something new.

Try changing the way you perform oral, or introduce a new sex move. Men love variety, so this unexpected trick will drive him crazy with desire.

4. Wear a perfume he loves.


Studies conducted prove that scent can produce emotional connections. By wearing a certain perfume, you are forming a connection straight to his brain. This will strengthen his emotional ties to you.

5. Don’t be too clingy

It is a well-known fact that most men run a mile when faced with an overly clingy lady. Take a step back, keep the long chats for your girlfriends, and he will want you more!