The hangover!

How To Recover From The Agony Of The Morning After

We have all been there, this weekend perhaps – you had an amazing night (from what you can recall). However, the alarm clock is now an unbearable siren, penetrating your brain; your head feels as though a bus fell on it, and last night’s makeup is smeared all over your face. In summary, you’ve had better mornings. If you want to know how to effectively recover from the morning after the night before, read on:

The hangover!
The hangover!

1. The miracle of water

If you want to recover from the agony of the night before, and avoid the type of train crash hangover, remember to drink a pint of water before you go to bed. Water rehydrates the system, thus reducing potential headaches to a minimum

2. Never mix wine!

Don't mix your drinks!
Don’t mix your drinks!

Mixing your drinks is a sure-fire recipe for vomiting and headaches served up from the depths of hell. If you are drinking wine, stick to either red or white; otherwise you are asking for trouble.

3. Antioxidants are key

The majority of us know that dehydration is largely responsible for a nasty hangover. However, studies suggest we can avoid the torturous hangover by taking a multivitamin or fruit loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants will protect us from free radical damage, brought about by drinking alcohol. Hurrah for the scientists who made this discovery!

4. Pass on the champers

Bottle of Bollinger champagne
Too much Bolly?

This is tragic news for all you ‘Bolly’ lovers out there, but it has now been discovered that champagne is teeming with toxins and will bring about a state of intoxication much faster. Before you shout ‘yay’, the results also bring about the worst hangover in the world, EVER!

5. Dine out

If you’re planning a night out with the girls, start out at your fave restaurant and order the steak. By eating a solid meal, your body will contain the essential nutrients needed to cope with metabolising alcohol, supporting its elimination from your system.

6. Scrambled eggs please!

You have probably heard most old wives tales for curing a hangover with crazy ideas such as drinking more booze or eating a greasy fry up. As suspected, these really are useless methods for curing a night of over-indulgence. Instead, opt for eggs, as they contain a compound of which kills off evil headache forming poisons.

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