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How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay

Coming out may seem like an easy thing to do these days, there is even a national coming out day (11th Oct). However, it is always going to be a struggle to come out to your parents. If you are finding it difficult to find the right words or moment, here is some excellent advice, which will help the announcement run more smoothly, and hopefully lessen your anxiety.

1.Pick a good time to tell them.

nice cup of teaIt may seem like no time is a good time to tell your parents, but there will be some occasions that are better than others. Pick a time that you know your folks won’t be busy or stressed, and definitely when are not expecting guests at their house. A calm and quiet environment will help enormously.

2. Be prepared for their shock

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You will have had time to accept your sexuality. However, even if your parents suspect it, they will not know for sure. Understand that initially this news will come as a shock, and they may not give you the reaction you would hope for.

3. Expect questions

picture of police interrogation

                Why don’t you shine a light in my eyes?

You may well find your parents will bombard you with questions such as, ‘Are you certain?’ or “Maybe you haven’t found the right boy/girl.’ This may be annoying, but it is a normal response.

4. Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario

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Not all parents are liberal and laid back. Some will ultimately find the news devastating. If you find that your parents have reacted badly, and you feel rejected, try not to be too hard on them or yourself.

5. Give them timepicture of woman sat waiting

                                       A little time…

This is a huge revelation for even the most supportive of parents. Whether they are being supportive or behaving negatively, it is important to allow them time to come to terms with the situation. Remember time works wonders, so be patient and the situation will become infinitely less stressful.