Milan fashion week models
These colours compliment 'warm' , orndarker shades

How To Wear Colours

Fashion week has seen models wearing bright and floral sixties outfits together with seventies retro styles.  Also shown are more classical pieces in soft yellows, pinks and tangerines. These are inspired by Dior and other designers. to portray a colourful theme in the spring/summer collection.

Model wearing Christian Dior
Model wearing colourful Christian Dior

It doesn’t matter what your colour preference or particular style may be; by adding a touch of colour to your attire will brighten your look and your mood.  Moreover, you be will bang-on-trend.

However, before embarking upon a shopping spree, it is a good idea to ascertain which colours work best with your skin tone, hair and eye colour. Colour experts refer to two categories – cold and warm. Which category you fall into depends on these factors.

For instance, if you have light blonde to medium brown hair colouring, with pale skin, and blue, blue-grey or green eyes, your best colours would be:

1. Pretty pinks or reds

2.Turquoise and purples

3. Teal, blue and green.

Deola Sagoe/Clan runway model
Deola Sagoe/Clan – cool complexion works well with red

If your hair is darker or red in colour, you have a more olive or tanned complexion, and your eyes are brown or green, you would therefore suit:

1. Greens or browns

2.Yellows, tangerine, or gold

3.Soft reds

Milan fashion week models
These colours compliment ‘warm’ , orndarker shades

By combining colours that enhance your beauty, you can outsource the perfect wardrobe collection.

Furthermore, there is no need to steer clear of colours that do not necessarily compliment your colour category. By mixing and matching, you can still look amazing by wearing a much-loved item Choose shoes or a top in one of your flattering colours to create the ultimate look.

Images sources: blogcdn, bellanaija, google

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