In Need Of A Boost? Grab A Tube of Phizz

The summer is well and truly over, work is piling up and you seriously need a boost. Don’t fret, simply grab yourself a tube of Phizz Play, Travel, Work. A unique rehydration formula packed with vitamins and minerals and supplied in orange flavoured effervescent tablets, these are a must-have for all those who have an active lifestyle.

Whether you have a big night planned (or struggling to cope the following day), have a long journey you must endure, or a desk piled high with work – Phizz is your new BFF.

Targeting a variety of concerns:


Body and Mind:

60% of body and 75% brain are made up of water.

Water Loss:

 The body loses on average 2-3 litres of water each day and must be replaced to remain healthy and function normally.


 research shows that even a small amount of dehydration (1-2%) can have a significant impact on the body and mind, such as: dizziness, irritability, headaches, mental and physical tiredness.


Our lifestyles directly affect this including sports, office environments, drinking alcohol, leaving us dehydrated.

The Answer:


Phizz helps to ensure water gets where it is needed. Containing the right formula of sodium and glucose in a hypotonic solution, Phizz enables optimal results from your water.


Loaded with vitamins and minerals, Phizz aids in the release of energy and tackles tiredness, muscle fatigue and mental performance, whilst simultaneously recharging your electrolytes and helping you to maintain a super healthy immune system.


Phizz comes in a handy little tube that fits perfectly inside your bag. No need for messing about mixing up sachets – simply pop one tablet in your water and drink!

Key Ingredients:

Phizz Rehydration + Vitamins and Minerals Effervescent Tablets combine:

B-Group Vitamins








Vitamin A

Vitamin E


Phizz Play Travel Work Tablets come in a variety of sizes:

The Petite x 10 Tablets (£4.99)

The Original x 20 Tablets (£7.99)

The Combo x10 + 20 Tablets (£11.99)

Phizz Play Travel Work Effervescent Tablets are Made in Switzerland

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