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For Incredible Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Visit Dr. Jules Nabet

Globally renowned French aesthetic doctor, Dr. Jules Nabet has over 25 years of experience in his specialist field of aesthetic medicine. Working in Paris, London and Moscow he offers bespoke treatments to enhance peoples’ natural features. Highly respected, Dr. Nabet has earned much credibility for his unrivalled results and as such is recognised worldwide as being a leading Botox practitioner. Some of his other treatments include laser, Ipl, chemical peels, fillers, co2 rejuvenation, lifting facials and the 3d lift. Furthermore, he devised with French chemists and researchers, his own hormone and vitamin skincare range, too. Dr. Jules Nabet is now a partner and Medical Director at Omniya Medi-clinic Knightsbridge.

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Given the media attention surrounding Dr. Jules Nabet’s superior Botox results, we decide to trial this treatment to see if it lives up to the hype. Read on:

Botox is Dr. Nabet’s most popular treatment – and for good reason.

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For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past decade, Botox is an anti-aging injection of which is delivered to the facial muscles in the areas of concern, thus effectively ridding us of the irksome signs of aging, namely lines and wrinkles. Dr. Jules Nabet’s skill in using the Botox pen ensures the facial muscles are relaxed and smoothed away, creating a natural, yet optimal result. The procedure takes up a few days to take effect and lasts for 3 months.

The usual areas of treatment are the frown lines, the forehead, crow’s feet and lips.

Additionally, Botox injections can be used to lift the brow or eyelid to achieve that ever-desired youthful appearance.

When opting for Botox injections it is crucial to find an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner. Failing to do so can ultimately be detrimental and leave you looking frozen or even disfigured – to the point whereby you wish you still had the lines and wrinkles.

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Dr Jules Nabet who is an aesthetics and medical doctor takes the time to listen to a client’s concerns and consider their overall lifestyle to better understand the need for change.

Furthermore, Dr Nabet’s extensive knowledge and research has allowed him to write two books on hormones. In an interview he said that if he believes a client has other health issues he will send them to their GP for investigation.

On entering the treatment room at the Omniya Clinic, we were met by the fresh-faced, pleasant and highly professional Dr. Jules Nabet. After discussing concerns and treatment wishes, Dr. Nabet swiftly applied Botox to the crow’s feet, forehead, frown lines and a little in the chin to achieve a lift. His technique delivered fast and incredible results. The procedure felt completely safe and was over within a few minutes. Better yet, there was no pain whatsoever! The beauty of this treatment is that you can nip in to the Omniya clinic and walk out with a fresh face in less time than it takes to drink a latte – and there is no downtime. Amazing!

In addition to his advanced Botox abilities, Dr. Jules Nabet is the man to see when in need of fillers, exceptional facials or laser therapy, to achieve a transforming, skin-tightening effect (loved by celebrities).

Dr Jules Nabet’s Botox is priced at £280.

To view this and other incredible treatments visit:


Or telephone: 0207 938 2195

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