Lee stafford bigger fatter fuller shampoo
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For Incredible Volume Discover Lee Stafford’s Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Haircare

Do not suffer with limp and thin hair – for locks that are instantly volumous, use Lee Stafford’s Bigger, Fatter, Fuller haircare range. We checked out award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford’s incredible Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Shampoo, Conditioner and Plumping Cream, and we love the results!

1.Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter, Fuller Shampoo, £6.99, (250ml)

Lee Stafford shampoo
Credit: leestafford.com

Should you crave hair that is bouncy, thick and full of volume, this is the go-to shampoo for you. Panthenol is included as it is globally celebrated for its fantastic hair-boosting and intensely moisturising properties. This vitamin derived component effectively locks in moisture and smoothens the hair cuticles creating super shiny and manageable locks.

Also combined in this formula is Pro-Volume Complex, of which dramatically enhances the hair’s thickness, whilst simultaneously achieving beautiful and healthy tresses. Hooray!

Key Benefits:

Boosts Hair’s Body

Adds Texture

Promotes Gloss And Shine

Super Volume

For optimum results combine with Lee Stafford Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Conditioner and Plumping Cream.

2.Lee Stafford Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Conditioner, £6.99 (250ml)

Lee stafford bigger fatter fuller shampoo
Credit: leestafford.com

Should you have fine hair that lacks volume, you probably will have a love-hate relationship with conditioner. We know we need it but using it inevitably leads to an unwanted weighed down hippy look.

Well, suffer no more – instead use Lee Stafford’s Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Conditioner. Like the shampoo, the conditioner also contains panthenol and Pro –Volume Complex, thus ensuring luxuriously radiant, strong and thick hair. Better yet, the conditioner is formulated to achieve superior results of exceptionally lightweight and luscious locks that remain brimming with volume.  You are guaranteed to have salon-worthy and selfie-ready tresses the world will adore.


Boosts Hair’s Body

Enhances Texture

Adds Gloss and Shine

Will Not Weight Down Hair



3.Lee Stafford Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Plumping Cream £5.33 (50ml)

Lee Stafford plumping cream
Credit: leestafford.com

Ensure your hair achieves optimal health and serious volume by using Lee Stafford’s Bigger, Fatter, Fuller Plumping Cream. This lightweight plumping cream successfully adds height, lift and padding, whilst stimulating volume and strengthening each strand. The outcome is beautiful, full and thick hair that shines.

Directions For Use:

Pump a little cream into your hand and apply to towel dried hair from mid-length to the ends. Next blow-dry, style and look amazed!

To view and buy Lee Stafford’s Bigger, Fatter, Fuller haircare range, visit: http://www.boots.com or visit Lee Stafford’s website: http://www.leestafford.com

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