Introducing Bioderma’s Sensibio Deo Freshness

Due to its fantastic results in providing exceptional TLC for the skin, Bioderma is much-loved by both celebrities, dermatologists and of course, beauty editors. Now, Bioderma has launched the Sensibio Deo Freshness; a new roll-on deodorant designed to make a loving and long-lasting impact on even the most sensitive skin.

Should you suffer from the problem of easily irritated and super sensitive skin, this roll-on is the perfect solution. Containing no aluminium salts, alcohol, parabens or fragrance, and providing extensively researched and tested ingredients to ensure outstanding results, this hypoallergenic deodorant ticks every box and offers everything we need from a deodorant.

It is so refreshing to discover Bioderma’s Sensibio Deo Freshness actually leaves no trace of that pesky white mark residue. You will be relieved to know you don’t need to inspect your LBD (and then reluctantly change your outfit before rushing out of the door).

Thanks to the Decylene glycol and zinc ricinoleate, odours are successfully neutralised – and remain this way for the duration. Phew!

Decylene glycol is used for both its richly moisturising properties and antimicrobial abilities.

Bioderma sensibio deo

Zinc ricinoleate is a salt of which is sourced from ricinoleic acid. This is a deodorant agent of exceptional quality that works to effectively neutralise any odours by absorbing them fully.

Toleridine offers biological reinforcement for the skin, guaranteeing protection from external factors whilst simultaneously increasing the tolerance levels of sensitive skin. Including enoxolone and golden algae extract, the incredible Toleridine TM patent enables instantaneous relief and diminishes skin reactiveness. The result is higher tolerance for even the most sensitive skin types.

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Key Benefits:

Contains no Aluminium Salts and No Alcohol


No White Mark Residue

Neutralises Odours

Moisturises skin

Toleridine Patent reduces reactivity of skin sensitivity

It increases skin tolerability and therefore great for sensitive skin.

Bioderma Sensibio Deo Freshness is priced at £7.50 (50ml) and is available at Feel Unique.

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