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Is Outdoor Sex All Its Cracked Up To Be?

Most of us at some point, have dared to bare all in a bid for some fun risqué sex.  However, very few of us have escaped without incurring some awkward consequence or one sort or another. Even when we think we are being super sly, such as choosing the empty woods at the far end of some vast park, we will probably look up in the throws of passion to the horror of a dog walker taking note.

Read on to discover the worst places to engage in this kind of outdoor fun.

1. The Mile High Club

airplane British airways fly sky

This is never how it looks in the movies. Sure, it might sound like a great idea having necked a few duty free wines mid-flight, but believe me, its messy. The toilets are a little too compact, which almost always spells disaster – and unavoidable noise. What’s more, if you manage to overcome the turbulence, and no one knocks on the toilet door, you can still expect to greet a row of annoyed faces to greet you as you both make your exit back to your seats.

2. On the train

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Another un-thought out mistake – the train loos are nearly always filthy, and there is absolutely no room. You will be sure to open the door to queue off angry faces, and perhaps even a train inspector.

3. Your car in a car park.

There are less chances of getting caught if you decide to rendezvous at night. But be warned, do this and you are at risk of doggers knocking on your window and asking for a threesome! Choose the day time, and you are at risk of being embarrassing CCTV footage, or answering to the car park attendant or a disgusted member of the public.