A man taking the male pill
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Is The Male Contraceptive Pill A Good Idea?

As scientists reveal they are in the process of fine-tuning the male oral contraceptive pill, we have to ask the question – would you go for it?

Before the male contraceptive can be unleashed upon the public, there are several key factors that must be considered. These include such questions as whether it can be used safely for years, whether it can be reversible, and very importantly, whether it will lower the male sex drive. Until now, male contraceptive pill creations all presented side-effects.

The male pill
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Presently, the current male pill masterpiece is reported to work at certain doses. However, it doesn’t work for 20% of people tested, and like some other oral contraceptives, it can cause an increase in weight. Furthermore, one ought to be reminded that this does not give protection against contracting STI’s.

So, with all this in mind, would you be happy to be intimate with a man whom says he is covered because he takes the male contraceptive? If you are in a happy and long term and monogamous relationship, and you are both in agreement that the male contraceptive is a sound method of contraception, there really isn’t a problem.

A man taking the male pill
                  Sourced via thealphamale.com

However, picture this scenario: Someone is out on Friday night, at a club. A situation whereby a lady meets a man, and they agree to take things further. As they drunkenly stagger back to his/her flat, the guy says, ‘Don’t worry, I’m on the male pill.’ Firstly, this pill is not a method of safe sex, and secondly, the lady has to believe the guy that she barely knows that everything’s fine, and he is telling the truth.

Regardless to this, a recent survey conducted found that 52% of British men would in fact take the pill. Our advice to ladies out there – unless you are in a secure relationship, always opt for that extra protection.

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