picture of a happy couple
Happy couple

Is Your Man In It For Keeps?

So, you’ve found a guy you really like, and who seems to be into you. The problem is, you’ve only been dating for a short while, but you’d like to know if he is likely to stick around, or whether he is going to leg it once the honeymoon phase fizzles out. Discover 7 signs that your man is in it for keeps.

1He wants to meet your family

Picture of the Little Fockers
The test of wills between Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro, left) and Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) escalates to new heights of comedy in the third installment of the blockbuster series, “Little Fockers.” (Glen Wilson/Courtesy Universal Pictures/MCT)

If your guy suggests he meet your parents or family, it is his way of letting you know he is serious about you. Meeting the parents is a big deal for many men, and this gesture is widely known to be associated with commitment.

2He puts up with family members that he doesn’t like.

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Ok, so he has met your family, and wasn’t enamoured with your overly irritating brother, who just happens to show up most days and out-stay his welcome. Should your man humour him regardless and quietly cope, it’s a good sign he is in it for keeps.

3. He plans a holiday for you both.

Picture of Avillion resort
Holiday for two

Wow! His mates are planning a week in Ibiza but he sits down with the laptop to plan his romantic hols with you. Big sign he plans on sticking around.

 4. He talks about the future using the words, ‘us’, and ‘we’.

picture of a happy couple
Happy couple

Pay attention to his dialogue. Does he say ‘I’ or is he using couple language, i.e. ‘us? Noticing this little difference will give you an insight into his subconscious and how he is feeling. The best bit is you don’t even have to ask him any questions; you just need to pay attention.

5. He makes room in his bathroom cabinet and gives you a drawer.

Picture of open drawer
This is ‘man’ commitment.

Well, if this doesn’t tell you he wants a commitment, nothing will. He may want to take things slowly, but this gesture shows he is letting you into his life.

6. He, duh, duh, duh…asks you to move in.

Picture of house keys
For Keeps!

‘Nuff said!

7. He sacks a night with his mates to be with you (and its not the first night you sleep together).

Picture of a love heart
Love is….

Your man normally lives for his nights out with his mates. He is a guy who loves his space. But lately, he has been dropping his lads’ nights out in favour of a cosy night in with you. Ladies, that’s a pretty good signal he’s in it for keeps.

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