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Is Your Relationship Equal?

Equality has hit the headlines once more, but this time the question of equality lurks over relationships. Remaining equal is a main component in a healthy relationship. However, when people generally consider equality, the concept of an identical 50/50 share springs to mind. Although some people insist this type of precise split is of upmost importance, there really is no need to get too hung up on the semantics of equal relationships. Whilst being equal has intrinsic value, there is no need to take it to the end degree. When looking at your relationship, there are several key points to keep in mind. Check out the following guide to decide if your relationship is equal.

1.Do You Communicate?

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Luckily, we are all individuals. As such, each relationship will be differently defined. Regular communication is vital, In order to maintain an equal and healthy relationship. This must consist of balanced discussions to ascertain each other’s expectations and needs. Should one person dominate or overpower the conversations, control will define the relationship. Likewise, if one partner withholds from communicating, ironically, the outcome is equally detrimental. It is important to maintain frequent communication to ensure your relationship remains equal.

2.Do You Have Freedom?

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Obviously, sharing common interests is fundamental to any relationship. This does not mean you ought to be joined at the hip! Having a relationship should not result in forgetting your own interests. If you find you are frequently missing out on other interests for the sake of your partner, it is likely that you do not have an equal relationship. Love does not mean losing your sense of self. Everyone needs a little ‘me-time.’

3.Do You Have Financial Equality?- It is almost impossible to have financial equality. Additionally, each relationship has it’s own set-up regarding money, depending on their own circumstances. However, money is a main cause for feeling unequal and resentful within a relationship. It is important to be honest, regularly discuss each other’s expectations, and come to a mutual agreement over money; failure to do this will result in a feeling of inequality.

4.Do You Compromise?

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Do you always have to win an argument? If one person (or sometimes both) refuses to compromise, back down, or listen to the other person’s views – consider the relationship unequal.