Jude Todd - Moving On Out Now
Jude Todd via Instagram

Jude Todd – Moving On Out Now!!!

Franco-British pop folk electronic singer and songwriter, Jude Todd is one to watch. This charming young man is currently based near Cannes on the French Riviera. And we are super excited to share his recently released new single, Moving On.

Since appearing on The Voice TV show, he’s been touring as a support act. Although, mainly in France but for a number of certainly great artists and bands alike. Namely; Alice Merton, Bastian Baker, Charlie Winston, Kyo and Louane.

Jude Todd - Moving On Out Now
Jude Todd via Instagram

Furthermore, Moving on is now available on every streaming platform including, Youtube. It’s a whole new vibe and also contains some swear words.

With lyrics such as; “And I love you and I hate it, I don’t need you but I crave it, Were we over rated ? And why’s this so complicated ? So I’m moving on”.

“You left without a warning, and went home to your ex. Thought you said he was boring and he ain’t the best at sex, And you live in between the present and the past. But, with all the things I’ve seen believe me, good things rarely last. Are you moving on ? I ain’t moving on”

“My friends tell me to stop, that you’re still a childish bitch. That you’ll come back the day I become famous and rich. And I’m so fucking foolish, that I’ll probably take you back. ’Cause in a way I love the way this hurts, it makes me feel alive”

This is surely an interesting music video to watch now-

You can find Todd on Instagram : @judetoddmusic 

Facebook : www.facebook.com/judetoddofficiel 

Twitter : @jude_todd

Streaming : bit.ly/judetoddmusic

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