Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry race for Charity

Kate Middleton, husband Prince William and his brother Prince Harry competed against each other in a 50-meter (164-foot) sprint race at a charity event today.

The royal trio joined 150 volunteers of the Heads Together umbrella charity who are training for the 2017 London Marathon at the London Marathon Community Track at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

They have long supported this group, which aims to end stigmas about mental health by changing the national issue on mental well-being to a positive one, and is a partnership between eight charities that provide front-line mental health support. The organisation is the charity of the year for the 2017 London Marathon, and Heads Together says it wants to use this privileged position to continue to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

The royal trio laced-up their trainers and took to the track at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London for their mental health campaign Head Together. Kate sported a red puffer jacket paired with black pants and black sneakers and tied her hair in a ponytail. William on the other hand wore a navy sweater over a white collared shirt, navy and white sneakers and olive chinos while his Harry sported a navy puffer jacket paired with dark blue chinos and olive sneakers.

But guess who won? Well, Prince Harry ran past his brother and sister-in-law during the race at the training session thereby taking first place, while William placed second and Kate came in last.

“Their Royal Highnesses are championing the #HeadsTogether campaign to urge people to talk about mental health,” Kensington Palace tweeted Sunday.

“They are passionate about tackling the stigma surrounding the issue,” Kensington Palace said in a statement in 2016. “Too often, they have seen that people feel afraid to admit that they are struggling with their mental health. This fear of prejudice and judgement stops people from getting help and can destroy families and end lives. They want to help change the national conversation.”