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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Spend Romantic Time in Paris While Tom Cruise Films MI:6 Nearby

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been seen in the city of love, Paris while her ex-husband Tom Cruise was filming M:I6 in the City.

The pair have been romantically linked since 2013 and have occasionally been seen together in public but they are yet to confirm their relationship. E! News has learned last year that the notoriously private stars have been dating for years and that that is “not a secret among their friends.”

“Jamie wrapped filming on Robin Hood and Katie flew in to Paris to meet him for a few days,” a source told E! News exclusively.

Meanwhile “Tom Cruise was filming Mission Impossible 6 only a few blocks away, but Katie and Jamie stayed inside their hotel…and didn’t leave.”M:I6 began filming in Paris in April.

Foxx plays Little John in a new Robin Hood film that is currently being filmed in Croatia and Hungary and set release in 2018.

While the actress kept a low profile during her Paris stay, she was spotted on a sandwich run and at one point had her driver stop at the San Francisco book store in St. Germain to pick up a few titles, including Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea and A Farewell to Arms, according to a source. At another point, she went by Luc Besson’s studio Cité du Cinemas, where Foxx was filming. People Mag

The source told E! News Foxx and Holmes were scheduled to return to the United States Tuesday via private jet but were told there was a problem with the plane.

“Jamie had a big smile on his face as they returned to their hotel and snuck in through a private entrance,” the source said. “They were very discreet and made sure to always enter and exit the hotel and the car separately.”Another source said the two flew out of Paris together on a private jet Thursday morning.

Prior to this, sometime last month, Holmes and Foxx were on a dinner date in New York City.Katie Holmes, Jaime Foxx, Instagram