Katy Perry Covergirl
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Katy Perry Launches A New Makeup Line

Life for pop goddess Katy Perry just seems to get better and better. She has a gorgeous fella, some amazing new music and is launching a new makeup line, too.

Katy Perry Covergirl
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According to PopSugar, the new face of Covergirl cosmetics is launching another collaboration with the U.S brand, of which will be…wait for it…mermaid themed. We love it already!

Included in the new range will be four eyeliners, four lipsticks and two eyeshadow/highlighter duo sets. If you live in the U.S you can look forward to ‘shimmery highlighters’, the ‘Bluetiful lip’ and the likes of hues such as ‘Purmaid Green’.

Katy Perry
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Katy partnered with Covergirl Cosmetics in 2013, announcing that: “In addition to music, I’ve always considered makeup to be a powerful creative avenue of self-expression.”

She added, “I’m honored to partner with COVERGIRL and share more colors and textures of my approach to beauty to inspire my audience.”

In a statement, Katy Perry told PopSugar:

“In the next evolution of my Katy Kat line with CoverGirl, I was inspired by Spring’s upcoming mermaid and pearlescent hues.”

The new Covergirl range will be available online from March and in U.S stores from April. If you want to get your hands on some (or all) of this fabulous mermaid makeup without travelling abroad, you may have to keep an eye on eBay, America!

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