Keep Cold Sores At Bay With The Incredible Base Lip Solve Duo

It may be interesting to hear that over 66% of people under 50 have the cold sore virus and many of us are only too aware of the nightmare a cold sore will cause. Ensure you keep those dreaded cold sores at bay and your lips thoroughly moisturised with the Base Lip Solve and Base Lip Solve Tube.

1.Base Lip Solve Tube, £7.50


The Base Lip Solve Tube is the perfect product for all of these who suffer from irksome cold sores, or for people looking for a fantastic lip moisturiser.

Combining the anti-inflammatory properties of liquorice root, you will quickly discover discomfort, redness and swelling is greatly reduced and your lips will become moisturised, nourished and totally kissable once more. This amazing product is clinically proven to weaken the cause of cold sores, so they will soon become a problem that’s long-forgotten.

The outcome is a much-reduced frequency as well as a lesser intensity and duration of cold sores. Furthermore, the Lip Solve Tube includes super-nourishing shea butter and is SPF 30, thus guaranteeing your lips are given the ultimate protection and TLC!

2.Base Lip Solve Bullet, £7.50 (5g)


The Base Lip Solve Bullet is the go-to accompaniment for the Tube. Ideal for use every day to keep your lips nourished and protected, this product is also clinically proven to weaken the cause of cold sores. Containing liquorice root and shea butter, whilst providing an SPF30 makes the Bullet another true hero item. Shea butter is brimming with vitamin F to maintain skin elasticity and also offers an array of other skin loving benefits, including awesome skin smoothing and anti-aging qualities. This handy little Bullet Lip Solve is the perfect size to keep in your purse too.

Should you be suffering from a cold sore breakout, make sure until the cold sore has gone, that you use the Base Lip Solve Tube instead of the Bullet.


Each of these products are priced at £7.50. However, you can buy the duo for just £12.Or buy the duo for £12!

Directions For Use:

For optimal results Apply 2-3 times per day.

For more information and to buy the Base Lip Solve Bullet and Tube visit:

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