whiteglo tea and coffee toothpaste
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Keep Your Smile Sparkly And White On Tea Day With White Glo Coffee and Tea Drinkers Formula

Happy Tea Day to all like-minded tea drinkers out there! With 60.2 billion cups of tea drunk each year in the UK (and probably a few more today), ensure you keep your teeth stain-free and sparkly with White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula.

Due to compounds such as theaflavins and theabrownins found in tea, staining is pretty much a given. Furthermore, the tannins in tea lead to discolouration of the teeth. Even fruit tea will cause discolouration. However, thanks the White Glo’s revolutionary formula toothpaste, we can all go on enjoying our tea without having to compromise on our oral health.

Should your drink of choice be a latte don’t think you can escape the dreaded staining – coffee (although not as detrimental to your teeth as tea), will nevertheless result in a similar unappealing colour over time.

white goo tea and coffee
Credit: www.whiteglo.com

White Glo is Australia’s #1 teeth whitening brand for good reason – it is remarkably effective whilst being kind to your teeth. The White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula contains Micro Polishing Particles that get to work, targeting and diminishing the awful brown/yellow discolouration.

Additionally, this outstanding product offers a Micro-Wax Protective Shield Formula that thwarts new stains from ever forming; thus, revealing the much-loved whiter smile of which we all crave.

This toothpaste has been specially developed by dentists and is suitable for use every day, with low abrasion and essential fluoride protection from cavities!

whiteglo tea and coffee toothpaste
Credit: www.whiteglo.com

Included in the White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula is the new White Glo X-Action toothbrush. This toothbrush designed by dentists, combines extra condensed US Du-Clean bristles that aid in lifting troublesome stains from tooth enamel without the risk of abrasion. These cross-action bristles provide a much more effective clean than regular toothbrushes and is the perfect tool to us with this superior toothpaste.

Also included in this pack are free White Glo Dental Flossier Toothpicks.

whiteglo toothpaste and picks
Credit: www.whiteglo.com

Key Benefits:

1.Effective Whitening Formula

2.Low Abrasion (Meaning It is Safe For Daily Use)

3.Flouride Protection Against Cavities

4. Includes White Glo X-Action Toothbrush

5. Includes Free White Glo Dental Flossier Toothpicks

White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula is priced at £3.99 and is available from Boots, Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Superdrug and via amazon.com

For further information visit: www.whiteglo.com

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