Lady Gaga’s New Music will bring you to tears

Lady Gaga is back with a new music video for the world to see. However you won’t see any tongue touching or choreography here. Her song: Till It Happens to You, is supposed to raise awareness on Sexual abuse within university.

Working in conjunction with the campaign: Its On US, Lady Gaga’s powerful music video tells a story of three students – each experiencing and coping with an assault.

(Image Source: Cosmopolitan)

The music video is hard hitting, and it’s clear that it was the intention. As Lady Gaga’s beautiful vocals carry us through the sequence of events – it becomes difficult to watch, yet equally difficult to turn away. As we all know, it’s been some time since we’ve heard from the poker faced singer. Her long awaited album is still underway – so hearing her sing again feels refreshing, and gives us fans hope she will return to the centre stage. However with Till It Happens To You, she hasn’t come for our praise on her vocal prowess, but for our awareness.

(Image source: YZGeneration)

As such, hearing her one of a kind voice, alongside some uncomfortable scenes feels somewhat conflicting. However once we embrace this conflicting contrast between voice and image, we find that an awareness has been raised. Not every artist has this effect on the listener – however Lady Gaga has managed to pull this off yet again.

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With all this in mind, one cannot help but get excited for Lady Gaga’s coming album. I for one will be first in line for her eventual album. Get your paws ready, as Lady Gaga is coming for our hearts once again.