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Leighton Denny’s New Fragrance Is oh so Delightful

If you happen to be looking for that perfect perfume for the lady in your life, FRUK recommends Leighton Denny’s fruity new LIGHT & DARK Delightful.

Delightful is the latest addition to the Light and Dark award-winning collection. Specifically designed to ensure a long-lasting scent, this perfume is reminiscent of explosive bursts of fruits, making its everlasting mark on your senses without being too powerful.

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The Delightful fragrance includes a rush of red fruit such the calming, stress-relieving, and uplifting qualities of blood orange, which works harmoniously with ah ping, red apple, and watermelon to induce a mouth-watering, tantalizing aroma.

These gorgeous red fruits have been carefully chosen to blend with pretty florals such as Miribilis jasmine and Lotus flower.

Delightful is the go-to fragrance, should you wish to spice up your sex life. Not only is Miribilis jasmine one of the most pleasant fragrances known to mankind, but it is also known as the flower of love and is pertained to evoke sexual desire!

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The exotic Lotus flower is included due to being gentle and soft, evoking light green notes that are in no way overwhelming, merge beautifully with Leighton’s other gorgeous ingredients like pretty pink violet, to ensure an irresistible surge of fruits, of which transcend your senses to lift your spirit.

Moderated by a base of sweet musk allows this beautiful scent to bestow its juicy superiority, whilst taming its sweet notes and drawing out an unforgettable perfect fruity aroma, you are guaranteed to fall head over heels in love with.

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Just when you think this fragrance couldn’t get any better – it does.

On breathing in this ethereal scent you will notice a trace of coconut. This essence combines with the sweet musk to remain apparent on your skin even when everything else eventually fades. The gentle touch of vanilla adds a delicate sweetness to relight your sensory bliss. The delicious yet heavenly Delightful is the fragrance to buy this Christmas!

Leighton Denny’s Light & Dark Delightful is priced at £43.50 (70ml).

This, and all of Leighton Denny’s collection are available to view and buy at:





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