Let’s talk about Healthy Nails and Cuticles

Did you know that your fingernails can say a lot about your health? A few bumps, cracks and discolouration may be a sign of something wrong in the body. And the sad part is, a lot of women don’t know what their natural fingernails look like anymore due to constant use of artificial nails. We all love a beautiful gel and acrylic nails, but are they really safe? Artificial nails can sometimes cause infections and long term problems.

Although nail changes may also be due to several conditions and abnormalities, some of which are totally harmless. For instance, not everyone with white nails has hepatitis. But insufficient nutrients and vitamins in the body could result in poor growth and strength of new nail cells. It is vital to take note of any changes in your nail appearance, texture or shape and to see your GP if you’re concerned or symptoms persist.

Healthy Nails and Cuticles

Tips for healthy nails and cuticles

It is crucial to practice good nail hygiene, avoid biting nails and cutting cuticles. Also, deficiencies in specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients may negatively affect nail health and your overall wellbeing, so a healthy lifestyle is ideal. In addition, using the perfect hand cream that helps relieve cracked skin, leaving the hands feeling nourished, smooth and soft is a plus. Here are more tips for healthy nails and cuticles;

  • Keep fingernails clean and dry always.
  • Wear gloves when washing dishes, using harsh chemicals or cleaning.
  • Trim your nails regularly and use a nail file to smooth edges
  • A good moisturiser goes a long way, also apply on fingernails and cuticles. 
  • Opt for acetone-free nail polish remover and beware of toxic ingredients in your nail polish
  • Be gentle on your cuticles.
  • Keep manicures simple 
  • Avoid artificial nails to give your natural nails time to grow.
  • Ask your GP for vitamins and supplements if necessary. (Biotin, Vitamin B complex helps promote healthy cell growth and aids in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that are essential for nail growth. Biotin-rich foods and supplements also help strengthen brittle fingernails)

Bottom line; eat healthy nutritious foods and vegetables and drinks loads of water. However, if you have a nail problem that doesn’t seem to go away see your Gp.