Look Amazing In Every Outfit With The Star Bra

Yes – finally, the warm weather is on track for a swift return and we can all go out and treat ourselves to some fabulous summery outfits. There’s no need to worry about the dreaded bra situation (whether to wear one and ruin your look, or not to…and ruin your look)! A simple solution – invest in the Star Bra.

For those of you who haven’t heard the hype on social media, the Star Bra is making a big impact for its effective and innovative design. Basically, the Star Bra is a backless stick-on bra created with an adjustable, enhancing drawstring front. The result is a perfect cleavage to suit the occasion and your chosen attire. This incredible bra offers super-soft, fabric cups of which are both breathable and comfortable. You do not need to spend the evening worrying about plastering sticky tape in every direction and hoping not to sneeze –  the Star Bra’s adhesive silicone backing holds you securely and snug for the duration.


Until now the mission of discovering the ideal bra to create the much-sought-after full and rounded cleavage look, whilst remaining perfectly in place seems like a never-ending task, worthy of an Indiana Jones sequel. This bra is the answer to our prayers, providing the beast results and security so that checking the geographical location of your cleavage is the last thing on your mind!

Finally, a stick-on bra that achieves a greatly enhanced look, of which you can control. The Star Bra not only has padded cups for a rounder, fuller look, but the intricately placed lace-up drawstring enables you to draw the cups together. Genius.


Furthermore, its flawless design combining high-winged sides ensures there are no embarrassing edges or lines to give away your secret weapon. The Star Bra blends seamlessly with your natural shape, and the incorporated perforated silicone backing, and breathable fabric cups guarantee you will remain oh-so comfy all day and throughout the evening, too.

The Star Bra has another trick up its metaphorical sleeve: Unlike most stick-on bras, the Star Bra can be used up to 25 times! Included are protective sheets and a special storage tray, so you can go on looking fabulous for longer.

The Star Bra is available in either nude or black and sizes A-D.

The Star Bra is priced at £19 and is available to buy at

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