Louisa Johnson Is Crowned X Factor Winner 2015

This year, Louisa Johnson walked away with the title of X Factor winner. The Essex girl who is set to become a £6million superstar has become the X Factor’s youngest ever winner at age 17. Read more below

Louisa Johnson
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Louisa was mentored by Rita Ora and beat Reggie ‘N’ Bollie to the crown. We may be inclined to feel a tad sorry for them as they brought so much fun and energy to the show. Simon stated that ‘Louisa was the best singer he’d ever seen on X Factor’ and that is what the show is about.

Sourced via cosmopolitan.com
                                         Sourced via cosmopolitan.com

Louisa was completely blown away as she burst into tears when her name was called, and ‘the news still hasn’t sunk in’. However, from very early on in the competition, Louisa seemed set to win, as for the majority of weeks, she was top of the votes. Since the start of the show, Louisa’s amazing voice and star-like presence astounded the audience; she most certainly is a worthy winner. Once she was crowned the winner Louisa appeared on Xtra factor and then celebrated with her family. Now her single is officially out and her schedule is packed. After a short break for Christmas, Louisa begins the New Year with a tour.

Louisa was not the only one to wow viewers – as per usual the judges outfits were out of this world gorgeous. Check out what the judges wore in our upcoming article.

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