Major Key Alert: DJ Khaled on the Moment that Changed Everything

DJ Khaled continues to inspire us all and talks on the moment that changed everything in Paper magazine’s ‘1000 beautiful people’ September 2016 issue. Read more khaled ##If you had to pinpoint one moment when DJ Khaled went from being a popular hip-hop DJ to an international superstar, you could do worse than December 14th, 2015. That day, the DJ had lunch at Rick Ross’ Miami mansion and got lost at sea (well, Biscayne Bay) when he was jet skiing back to his own South Florida home. Instead of contacting the Coast Guard or pulling up to the nearest dock to call for help, he did something else: He Snapchatted every moment of the harrowing experience. The social media saga catapulted the producer into becoming one of the most popular people to follow on the app and a bona fide household name. Via Paper
dj khaled #“I’m always on the road for the majority of the year, and I always come back home around November, because that’s when it’s Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas, and the music business slows down a little. That’s when I regroup. [When I was home last year] I said to myself, ‘Man, do I wanna do another year of the same thing? Just working hard but not really happy? I make everybody else happy, but what about me?'” dj khaled fruk mag dj khaledHe continues, “I said,’I’m gonna try to give myself at least 90% for me.'” And that’s when things changed. “I’m telling you the truth when I tell you this: I just started making myself happy now. That’s when all these new blessings and all this amazing stuff started happening … the world felt my energy.”

Major key alert: DJ Khaled decides to start making himself happier around his November 26th birthday, Snapchats getting lost at sea on December 14th, gets a big New York Times write-up about his Snapchat account on December 21st, lands a deal with Apple Music to host his own Beats 1 radio show on February 2nd, signs a major contract with Epic Records on April 11th, announces he’s been tapped by Beyoncé to join her Formation Tour on April 19th, confirms the news that he and his fiancée Nicole Tuck are expecting a baby boy on May 20th, drops a hit single with Drake (“For Free”) on June 3rd, stars in two big commercials for Apple Music alongside Naomi Campbell and Ray Liotta on June 5th and releases his ninth album Major Key on July 29th. If you ever wanted a reason to believe in The Law of Attraction, this is it.

“Ok, this is me, and in between the ‘I like thats’ and ‘another ones’ I’m going to be real with you,” that makes his gratitude seem genuine. When he learns the crown he wears in the cover shot was the same exact one Biggie wore in the late rapper’s iconic photo and that the image was photographed by the same man — Barron Claiborne — who’s shooting Khaled, his eyes light up with wonder.

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