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Does Your Makeup Contain Microbeads?

Most of you will be aware that every year the makeup industry uses an unprecedented amount of microbeads in beauty products – particularly body scrubs and toothpaste.

Microbeads are miniscule bits of plastic, which work fantastically well for the process of exfoliation. Unfortunately, these microbeads cannot dissolve, and therefore cause catastrophic pollution in our seas. Very recently, the government announced its aim to permanently ban microbeads from both cleaning products and cosmetics by 2107.

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What does this mean for our makeup products? Chronic pollution is a high price to pay for merely using certain items – and the majority of us would like to feel they are contributing to preserving the planet, rather than supporting its destruction.

World famous beauty expert, Liz Earle, attended the This Morning TV show, offering beauty alternatives you will love.

1. Caster Sugar Scrub: Liz Earle recommends mixing together some caster sugar and olive oil to create an all-round awesome scrub. This mixture is very gentle on the skin and would therefore make a great facial scrub, or a body exfoliator for those with ultra sensitive skin.


Demerara sugar
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If you need a more potent scrub, Liz Earle suggests using Demerara sugar with oil instead of caster, which makes a fantastic body scrub. Do not use this one on the face.

3.Face Pack For Dry Skin

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Another completely natural, yet highly effective facial treatment is this face pack as suggested by Liz Earle. Simply add some hot water to some oatmeal and you will not only have breakfast, but also a face pack that provides wonderful results, especially for those with dry skin problems.

We are super-impressed that in a few simple steps, Liz Earle has offered three cheap, natural, and fast skincare replacements that cut out microbeads altogether. The best bit is we don’t even need to leave the house to find them!

One point to remember is that microbeads are described on product labels as polypropylene PMMA, and other components. Therefore it is important to thoroughly check they are free of pesky plastic before reaching in your purse.

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