MAVALA’s Mini Color Cosmic Collection Is A Must-Have For Festival Season

Summer is all about fun barbecue evenings, warm evenings out and of course, festivals. Make sure you don’t leave the house without a bottle of your favourite MAVALA Mini Nail Polish in your bag. We loved their Blush and Bubblegum Collection and now we’ve seen their Cosmic Collection we are totally smitten.

Bursting with shimmering futuristic shades that boast total originality, the Cosmic Collection reflects everything that is on trend now, with their 6 flashy and futuristic colours lightly dusted with starry wonder, you will be sure to look out of this world.

We all have found ourselves in a situation whereby we are cursing because our most precious nail polish has dried up despite the fact that extreme care was taken to keep it in good condition. The sad fact is that nail polish will dry up (usually way before we’d like it to). Each of the handy MAVALA Mini Color’s comes with a small golden cap bottle and designed to minimise solvent evaporation (so we are not crying into our nail polish remover). The small size enables us to use the entire bottle without wastage. Furthermore, it’s cute size means we don’t have to choose whether we take the perfume or the polish when we go out, as it fits perfectly into every bag! Better yet, we love the fact that this collection is great quality, totally affordable and offers 6 awesome shades that never get boring!

MAVALA’s Cosmic Collection includes:


1.Red Cosmic

2.Black Cosmic

3.Gold Cosmic

4.Cherry Cosmic

5.Violet Cosmic

6.Pink Cosmic


It is good to know that MAVALA nail polishes are developed without formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalate, added rosin. More importantly, they do not contain any animal ingredient; thus, being cruelty-free, toxic-free and stress-free, MAVALA has our vote.

MAVALA state:

“All the MAVALA Mini Color’s contain 2 small stainless-steel balls, in order to efficiently mix the nail polish before use to break the thixotropy inherent to this product and restore its appropriate consistency and dazzling colour.”

MAVALA’s Tips:


“Quality nail polish, properly applied over a protective base coat, MAVALA 002 or BARRIER-BASE, should last five to seven days, given normal wear and tear. A layer of COLORFIX or MAVADRY applied at the time of a manicure, and every second day thereafter, will make polish last a maximum length of time.”

“Nail polish that is too thick is difficult to apply, does not dry properly and tends to peel. It can be restored to its proper consistency with the addition of a Thinner specially formulated for this purpose, added very sparingly and allow to set before using. Never add nail polish remover or acetone, as these solvents contain water and will cause the polish to separate.”

“Nail polish tends to thicken with time, particularly if the bottle is not closed tightly between applications. Avoid leaving the bottle open for more than a few minutes; keep tightly closed and in a vertical position when not in use.”

“Nail polish becomes thicker when cold, thinner when warm. However never heat or expose it to high temperatures. One-coat, quick-drying nail polishes are useful for the woman who does not have time for a manicure or whose nails need a quick touch-up. They are usually less brilliant and less resistant to peeling and chipping than normal polish.”


Other amazing collections include: Color Inspiration, Bloom, Blush, Bubblegum and New Look. You can rest assured that only the finest quality ingredients go into MAVALA Mini Colors. Their vegan formula, together with the microscopic air pockets ensure the polish will allow your nails to breathe, keeping them in optimal condition. Oh-so easy to apply and fast-drying, the MAVALA Mini Colors guarantee a gorgeous long-lasting shine.

MAVALA Mini Color Cosmic Collection is priced at £27.90 and is available to buy at: Individual 5ml shades are priced at £5.20 and can be found at John Lewis, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

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