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Modern-Day Footballers Elevate Luxury Brands to New Heights

Victoria Beckham has been a style icon for decades, developing her persona as Posh Spice into a fully-fledged career.

Posh Spice has not only been keeping it elegant, but also oozing class into her mid-forties perfectly. In addition to this, her husband David is also at the forefront of promoting luxury brands.

The power couple of the nineties made fabulously wealthy not just by their professions as footballer or singer. But also, by their huge pulling power with endorsements and adverts.

David Beckham was perhaps the first footballer to truly excel endorsing luxury brands. However, in this day and age, top-flight footballers have such vast appeal too. They’re often promoting as well as developing their own luxury brands.

They’ve got huge spending power and always sporting the very latest high-end brands. In addition to this, they offer a glimpse into their fantastic lifestyles and also drive the best cars.

With the explosion of social media, their influence has never been as high and whilst the Beckhams relied on TV and magazines to grow their appeal, today’s top-flight footballers can reach the masses with a simple Instagram post from home.

David Beckham x British Heritage Brand Kent & Curwen

Dele Alli

Alli is one young footballer with such appeal. Throwing his weight behind brands such as Prevu. And also admitting to Hypebeast that he’s a fan of Gucci and Amiri. However, endorsements sometimes causes distractions.

Corals Premier League 2019/20 guide reveals Alli’s predicted spurs to finish top four this season. However, he’s been faltering lately. Criticised for off-the-field commitments. And these includes his involvement with multiple endorsement deals.

Another player recently dropped by England is Jesse Lingard and this Manchester United man is another with links to luxury brands. His involvement with Tag Heuer’s sponsored events, as well as releasing his own fashion brand JLINGZ, a play on his name is just a few things under his belt.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is perhaps the best footballer on the planet. And his list of endorsements runs from basic sportswear right to top end fashion brands. Inside Sports reports that he signed a deal with luxury watch brand Jacob and Co. Helps promote timepieces that retail at around £20,000. That deal followed in the footsteps of the other instantly recognisable face, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese attacker even has his own brand now considered as luxury; CR7.

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is the brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz, perhaps the most luxurious of all cars. Ozil isn’t the type of footballer you’d see sporting the latest fashion on a shoot. But his reach is still valuable enough to draw in the brands.

With over 50 million social media followers, Ozil is one of the most sought-after Premier League player. For endorsements, he gets behind products he’s genuinely a fan of.


Neymar is another player who helps push a number of brands, one of which is luxury watchmaker Gaga Milano. There’s also a limited-edition range boasting the player’s name with prices starting at around £1,200. The king of it all, David Beckham, is still a huge commercial draw. His partnership with Kent and Curwin, through his ‘Seven Global’ brand group, is worth huge sums of money.

With a minimum revenue guarantee of £2.7m in the first year and £5.7m by 2020, according to the Financial Times. Footballers have come a long way since the nineties. With savvy agents and public relations managers recognising the power of their appeal off the field as well as on it.

The better the player, the bigger the reach. And with a big reach, luxury brands will keep lining up. Wilst ensuring their products are worn, driven or utilised by the biggest names in the game.

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