A picture of BB8 Droid
BB8 Droid (Image: engadget.com)

More Man Toys For Christmas

With less than three weeks to go until our favorite holiday, some of you may not have found good Christmas gifts for your man, well, there’s no no need to worry, as we have discovered some of the most awesome man-toys to make your significant other smile from ear to ear, on Christmas morning.

1.Spin And Shot Roulette Drinking Game, findmeagift.co.uk, £13.99

Spin and shot drinking game
Image via amazon.com

If you want to buy your man a fun toy in which you can both participate, the Spin and Shot Roulette Drinking Game will guarantee endless laughs at Christmas.

2.Sunnycam Glasses, triuk.com, £99.99

Sunnycam glasses
Image via triuk.com

Hd video camera and stills, record as you go. Bike rides or skiing much better than go pro attached to bike

3.Star Wars BB8 Droid, menkind.co.uk, £129

A picture of BB8 Droid
Image via engadget.com

Let the force awaken with this interactive app-enabled droid. If your fella loves all things sci-fi, this Star Wars BB8 will be right up his street. This toy is operated via your smartphone, and will react to your reactions, demonstrate expressions and can be videoed onto the smartphone as a hologram.

4.Slot Machine, menkind.co.uk, £24.99

Slot machine
Image via goldfrap.co.uk

This is a fabulous gift for guys who love the arcades but who wish to save their pennies. The slot machine is a great novelty item, of which is authentic and fully functional.

5.Hot Massage Stones, findmeagift.co.uk, £4.99

Hot massage stones
Image via jeanmays.co.uk

Does your man suffer from a bad back? Given that this is the most common of man complaints, the hot massage stones would be a fabulous gift – and at £4.99, it leaves enough money to hire someone to treat his back, leaving you free to party the night away.

6.Spider Catcher, findmeagift.co.uk, £9.99

Spider catcher
Image via nerdequipment.com

Even your fella may be secretly scared of spiders. Well, with this gadget he no longer needs to pretend he’s a hero. Arm his stocking with this excellent present and your man not be scared anymore.

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