This Mother’s Day Give Your Mum Something Special

One date you mustn’t forget is Mother’s Day, on this Sunday, people! If your mum is super- special and you want to treat her to an amazing gift, why not make Liz Earle’s gorgeous bath milk with rose petals, or floral scented spritzer?

Before you gasp in terror at the potential difficulty and margin for error, listen up: These homemade treats are incredibly easy to make, cost next to nothing, and your mum is guaranteed to love them! Liz Earle demonstrated to the viewers on the This Morning show just how easy it is to create Mother’s Day treats she will adore. Read on:

1.Liz Earle’s Bath Milk With Rose Petals

liz earle

This is an amazing gift that will make the bath super-soft and is great for the skin. Firstly, get some skimmed milk powder (approximately 300 gms) and pour it into a bowl. This alone was good enough for Cleopatra, however Liz Earle has suggested you spice it up by adding some dried rose petals. Before mixing in the rose petals add 5/6 drops of geranium and rose essential oils and stir in.


Once you have done this simply add the petals to the milk powder and stir again. Finally, pour the mixture into a glass jar, add a pretty ribbon and a cute card, and voila – the perfect Mother’s Day pressie!

2.Liz Earle’s Floral Scented Spritzer

Liz earle

As far as making a gift for your mum goes, this homemade treat is outrageously simple to create. All you need is some water and essential oils.

Buy a bottle of water, dig out a travel spray bottle from your last holiday, and invest in some lavender and neroli essential oils. Pour the water into the travel spray, add a few drops of the essential oils and shake well.

Liz Earle says: “Neroli is one of those really interesting flower oils because you get the zestiness of the orange tree, it comes from orange blossom, then you also get that lovely smell that comes from the flower as well.”

This spritz is fantastic for cooling down, freshening up, or simply as a room freshener.

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