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Why We All Need Root Stamping In Our Lives

Ever since the universal quest for beauty began, we have searched for news ways to make our eyes bigger and better. Root stamping is the new trend to make this happen.

When we discover the perfect mascara, it is like an epiphany, we can breathe a sigh of relief and stop searching for new mascara brands for at least a few months. Root stamping does not require any particular mascara, nor does it steal your valuable time. This awesome new trend takes just a minute to complete and you don’t need to rush out to buy any additional tools for the job. Once you’ve tried root stamping you will be well and truly addicted! Read on:

1.Apply As Usual, Then Build

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Apply your favourite mascara to your lower and upper lashes as normal. After this simply add a little extra mascara on the outer tips. This will enhance the lash length. Fruk loves Jay Manuel’s Everything Mascara, £27, QVC

2.Root Stamp

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Root stamping is basically the name given for pressing your mascara against the roots of your lashes. If you use one mascara, simply add more product to the wand before applying. If you are a fan of using two mascaras, this is the point you would apply the second product.  Fruk loves Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Mascara, £25, Debenhams.

Carefully pressing the wand against the roots will add definition and volume without the need for extra eyeshadow tricks or highlighter. This method works incredibly well on people with smaller eyelids. Root stamping creates the appearance of a much wider eye and full, volumous lashes – and by following this technique you can achieve a great effect without the need for eyeliner (of which can make eyes appear smaller).

3.Lash By Lash

This is an age-old trick, but it makes your eyes pop without the need for a pair of falsies!

Take the tip of your mascara wand and gently apply a little extra mascara to each lash, thus enhancing even fuller and wider eyes.

4.Take A Selfie

Lastly, pick up your phone, take a selfie and smile at the effortless awesomeness of root stamping!





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