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Never Ignore Your Gut Instinct

One of the many beauties about being human is that we all have something called a ‘gut instinct.’ Basically it is the little feeling, or quiet voice inside telling you when something isn’t quite right. The problem is that the majority of us ignore this feeling, (usually it is completely ignored during our teen years) and that inevitably ends in trouble. If you think back you will recall at least one time when you felt as though something was not right, but took the risk and then wished you had taken heed of your inner voice. Here are several occasions when you definitely should not ignore your gut instinct.

1.Is Your Blind Date A Psycho?

Giphy of Scream movie
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So, with many of us turning to dating websites to source our true love, there has never been a better time to pay attention to your gut feelings. Let’s say you are sat having drinks with your blind date, and the fidgety dude (or dudess) informs you he will be driving you home later, and as he leans back in his seat, grinning, you notice a flash of his shiny blade sticking out of his inside pocket. Yep – listen to your instincts, and run like the wind!

2.You’ve Been Found Out

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If you have done something wrong, and the person you have wronged suddenly acts cold and gives you the third degree – don’t ignore the feeling that you’ve been caught, reproaching the situation with a web of lies. Listen to your gut and do the decent thing – ‘fess up!

3.If You Think Your Fella Is Cheating

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As previously mentioned, we have gut feelings for good reason. That reason is self-protection, and it is very rarely wrong. If your fella is acting differently and making excuses for his absence, listen to your inner voice – and then have some cookies.

4.Investing Money

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Very rarely in life do we stumble across unbelievable offers that could make us endless streams of cash overnight. If it sounds too good, there is likely to be a reason for that – it isn’t. Listen to your gut, and if you have doubts take a step back and re-evalua

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