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For All Non-Morning People

If you are one of those people that have to literally drag themselves out of bed in the morning, we can help or atleast try. No longer do non-morning people need to stare in resentful annoyance at their partner as they skip around the kitchen with more energy than a bolt of lightening. Here are some tips to help all non-morning people.

Lose The Nightcap: We don’t want to dampen your spirits but alcohol before bed, will not only dehydrate you, but also leave you feeling rubbish in the morning.

Wear A Night Mask: Wearing a night mask will ensure you get a better night’s sleep, and therefore be in a better frame of mind for facing the morning (and any overly chirpy ‘morning people’.

Move Your Alarm

Alarm clock
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Place your alarm out of arm’s reach so that you have to get up to turn it off.

Set Your Alarm a Bit earlier: We mean a bit earlier than the extra ten minutes you have already given yourself. Allow yourself to ease into morning. There’s nothing worse for a non-morning person to be bulldozed by lack of time.


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There’s no denying it – a coffee is great in the morning. However drink more than 3 cups and you will be causing detrimental rather than beneficial effects. Mix it up with high-caffeine drinks like tea or green tea (that happen to be good for the skin too).

Turn Off All Technology One Hour Before Bed: Staying connected right up until you go to sleep will keep your brain stimulated, thus putting off some essential shut-eye time. Set a routine time for turning off your phone, etc. and it won’t be so bad in the morning.

Set Your Alarm To Something Melodic

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No one would want to get up to the sound of a siren audaciously screaming in your ears. Change your alarm tone to something gentler that will ease you into the morning.

Preparation: Choose your outfit, pack your necessities for the following day, and basically ensure you do everything the night before. This way all you have to worry about is waking up.