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What Not To Say In An Argument

Valentine’s Day is almost here, yet for some people this can be fertile ground for rows. Bad decisions over dinner out, or forgetting the day often triggers arguments, that may have been simmering for a while. Avoid all out war by discovering what not to say in an argument.

1.Are You Crazy?

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Guys, these three little words are probably the worst thing you could ever say. Calling your S.O crazy is like rolling up every possible insult and throwing it at her. The comment is translated to mean a complete lack of respect, total belittlement and disregard. In layman’s terms – it won’t have a happy ending.

2.Don’t Laugh

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Should your partner choose to express his/her concerns or reasons for feeling upset, do not laugh. This can be seen as insensitivity and will only inflame the situation.

3.Never Answer Your Phone

In order to resolve an argument, it is important to give your full attention to the other person. It is ok if you do not share the same opinion, but it is important to demonstrate you care enough to listen and reply. Therefore, (unless you are an on-call doctor) switch off your phone.

4.Never Shout

It doesn’t matter how much you disagree, or how angry you feel – the moment you shout you have lost the argument. If your partner is shouting, it is easy to retaliate, but this never helps. Should the argument become heated, excuse yourself and get some space, until you both feel calm enough to resolve the situation.

5.Think About What You Say

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Arguments can dredge up all sorts of harbouring resentment. During these times it is easy to hurl insults as a way of defense. Remember, once you say something, it can’t be taken back, and you or your partner might not be able to forgive and forget.