Flocked upside down tree.
Flocked Upside Down Christmas Tree (Image: smithsorchardgardencentre.com)

Our Favourite Artificial Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees are lovely, but they can end up being cumbersome and come the end of January, you are likely still, to get the odd pine needle sticking through your sock when you least expect it. Avoid the hassle of a natural tree this Christmas – instead check out some of the most authentic and best looking trees available.

1.BH Aspen Silver Fir Flip Tree, balsamhill.com/$799

Basalm Flip Christmas Tree
                          BH Fir Flip Christmas Tree (Image: basalmhill.com)

Featured in Good Housekeeping magazine, this artificial tree couldn’t look more real than if you had pulled it from the ground this morning. Not only is this tree stunning, but also it comes with a great perk – no headache of tying to assemble it. You simply wheel the Flip Tree in on its built-in stand, pop out the bottom section and attach the tree top, and hey presto, your work is done. It even comes with your choice of either clear or coloured lights. All that is left is the fun of decorating the tree to your liking. Definitely a point to the artificial tree!

2.Cut Needlefast Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, Homebase, £30

Cut Needlefish Christmas Tree
       Cut Needlefish Fir Christmas Tree, (Image: hayesgardenworld.com)   

If you live in a smaller house you may wish to opt for a slightly slimmer and smaller tree. The Cut Needlefast is 5ft – perfect for the smaller room. It comes with a balsam scent and has been pruned to add to its authenticity. Not bad for £30!

3.6ft White, Medium Flocked Noble Christmas Tree, whitestores.co.uk, £119

White flocked Christmas Tree
                      Medium Flocked Christmas Tree (Image: amazon.com)

There is no doubt that Swift’s snow Christmas tree is artificial, but it is also brimming with Wonderland magic. It’s 3-part hinged design makes assembly a doddle. This tree is most certainly a statement piece.

4.Flocked Upside Down Christmas Tree, smithsorchardgardencentre.co.uk, £350

Flocked upside down tree.
 Flocked Upside Down Christmas Tree (Image: smithsorchardgardencentre.com)

Talking about standing out – nothing does that better than this slightly disturbing yet somehow fascinating fake tree. If you love all things arty and quirky, you have the money, the space, and the time to receive endless comments, this tree could be right for you.