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How To Overcome Christmas Rows

Christmas is almost upon us – and so too are the in-laws! Make sure you overcome any potential Christmas rows; read on to discover how to prepare yourself and guarantee you come out smelling of roses (not mulled wine).

1.Reflect Over Past Experiences

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By now you will be fully aware of the people that are likely to instigate arguments or who are generally irritating and offensive. Consider past situations, then alter seating arrangements and organise distractions accordingly.

2.Get Some Space

A gif of tv show friends
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Tensions can run high during Christmas. When you throw in a bunch of relatives with very different personalities (that you rarely see), into a confined space – it’s a miracle Christmas is ever peaceful at all.

If you sense a problem arising, take yourself out of the equation for 5 minutes. Pop to the bathroom and give yourself a pep talk, or slip out into the garden a let out a scream (making sure the windows are closed). This will give you necessary relief and quickly diffuse any brewing situations.

3.Limit The Booze

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We all know that drinking too much leads to verbal inhibitions – and therefore rows. You can completely avoid this by limiting your drink intake.

4.Discuss Potential Problems Beforehand

If you have any concerns about possible arguments with family members, talk it over with your partner beforehand. By airing your worries, you can lessen the stress, having a plan of action in place. Additionally, it will lighten the load to know you have support.

5.Split Christmas Visits

Should you be in a situation in which you know family members really clash, it may be an idea to spread Christmas over several days. Perhaps having Christmas day with your parents and Boxing day with your in-laws (you get the gist) will put a stop to feuds and return Christmas to the happiness and love it should be.