Sephora rose lip sheet mask
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Pamper Your Pout With Lip Sheet Masks

There’s no doubt about it – sheet masks are amazing – but what about ensuring the lips stay beautifully plump? Lip sheet masks were invented some time ago, but now they appear to be hot news.

Ordinary sheet masks do a fabulous job but it is important to treat your lips with the same care they deserve. If you want to rehydrate dry lips, have a winter lip treatment, or simply feel like pampering your pout –here are some of the best lip sheet masks on the market.

1.Sephora Collection Rose Lip Mask, £3, Sephora

Sephora rose lip sheet mask
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If you want beautifully soft and moisturized lips (and let’s face it – who doesn’t?) then try Sephora’s gorgeous rose lip mask. At £3, how can we go wrong?

2.Flashpatch Lip Renew Gel Mask, $50 for 24,

Lip renew lip mask
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Aimed at rejuvenating dehydrated or dry lips, these 5-minute hydrogel lip sheet masks will thoroughly rehydrate and revitalize your pout.

3.The Nugg Lip Boosting Mask, $8.99, nuggbeauty,com

Nudge Lip Boosting Mask
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These lip sheet masks are formulated with plant and marine-based properties and touted for reducing fine wrinkles from around the mouth as well as volumising the lips. Awesome!

4. Starskin Dreamkiss Bio-Cellulose Lip Mask, £8.50

Starskin dreamkiss lip mask
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Starskin have created amazing bio-cellulose lip sheet masks that do wonders for hydrating and moisturizing, ensuring your pout remains perfectly kissable. For best results, save for date night.

5.Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gel, £36 for 5, M&S

Skin iceland lip plumping mask
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Combining a luxurious blend of capaucu, coconut, and honey, these lip masks will target rough, sensitive, and thin and lips that are in desperate need of some TLC.

6.Lip Moisturising Pack, £17 for 6, BSC.PRO

BSC.PRO lip mask
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This trend began in Korea, and so it makes sense to pick a Korean brand. The sheet mask includes natural ingredients and collagen to improve elasticity and softness, whilst giving you a pout Angelina Jolie would be proud of.





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