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For The Perfect Shave Choose Men-u Shave Facial Essentials

Guys, should you be searching for the best products to provide you with a flawless shave, check out Men-U Shave Facial Essentials. This 4-step professional shave kit offers everything you need to achieve the perfect shave, whilst ensuring your skin receives the necessary nourishment and TLC to keep it looking and feeling kissable and soft. Read on:

Containing 4 outstanding products together with the Pro Black Shaving Brush, this Men-U Shave Facial Essentials handy kit guarantees quick and easy, yet highly effective results. Better yet, the handy size kit is ideal for those of you who are on the go.

The Men-U Shave Facial Essentials Includes:

1.Pro Black Shaving Brush

This innovative shaving brush provides exclusive Men-U bristles that are solid, smooth and non-absorbent; thus, offering a next level shaving experience. Most shave brushes use animal bristles which often contains a hollow core and split ends, and inevitably leads to bristle loss due to the expansion and contraction of the bristles. Due to the fact that the lather and water must firstly penetrate the animal bristles mean these regular brushes require excessive amounts of shave cream. All in all, the ordinary brushes equate to an irksome and time-consuming shave.

The Pro Black uses up to 40% less shave cream than badger bristles, is easier to keep clean and does not lose bristles. The outcome is a perfect shave every time, in minimal time.

2.Men-U Shave Crème (Up to 20 Shaves)

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This incredible shave crème includes the antiseptic and soothing properties of tea tree oil, therefore offering ultimate protection from spots and rashes. Additionally, the crème combines moisturising ingredients to enable a closer shave without irritation and fewer nicks, whilst ensuring your blade lasts for longer.

3.Healthy Facial Wash (Up to 30 Washes)

Men-U’s Healthy Facial Wash provides everything your skin needs in one handy tube. Combining tea tree oil and witch hazel the wash offers exceptional protection from rashes and spots, whilst simultaneously providing skin soothing and astringent qualities.

Furthermore, this product is soap free, pH balanced and deep cleansing.

4.Matt Skin Refresh Gel (Up To 15 Apps)

men-u skin refresh gel

The ‘Skin Refresh’ is the go-to anti-shine and fragrance-free toner gel. Including natural salicylic acid and witch hazel, this product diminishes excess oil and will leave your complexion in optimal health. You will be amazed at the difference this gel will make.

5.Facial Moisturiser Lift (Up To 20 Apps)

The Facial Moisturiser Lift is a fabulous shave balm and moisturiser in one lightweight product. Furthermore, this moisturiser contains both menthol and mint to deliver cooling and refreshing properties and lessen the signs of any redness. The result is gorgeous and soft skin that your S.O will truly appreciate.

The Men-U Shave Facial Essentials Kit is priced at £29.95

To view and buy the Men-U Shave Facial Essentials, visit:

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