Prepare For Unbelievable Skin Transformation With The Sensse Cleansing Brush

Anyone who wishes to achieve a fast complexion transformation should buy a facial cleansing brush. Should you be without one of these miracle workers, we suggest you try the much-loved brand SENSSE’s Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush. So much more than a simple cleansing tool, the SENSSE Cleansing Brush will literally change your life!

This intelligent cleansing brush offers 6 degrees of cleansing, from gentle through to deep exfoliation and features an anti-aging setting too! Every single silicone bristle is specifically designed to be exceptionally gentle to the skin, whilst effectively removing all dirt and impurities; thus, ensuring your skin looks nothing short of amazing. This product is created with an innovative bristle pattern that follow the contours of the face to guarantee a deeper and most thorough cleanse..

Key features:

1.6 Intensity Levels


Choose from a gentle cleansing to deep exfoliation, this brush provides every perfect setting for your skin

2.3 Bristle Types

This cleansing brush is designed with 3 bristle types, with deep cleansing bristles to reach difficult areas and sensitive bristles for an incredibly clear and radiant complexion.

Furthermore, combined on the back of the brush are anti-aging bristles to aid in the fight against the dreaded signs of aging. Awesome!

3.Pulsation Pauses Every 15 Seconds


The device’s pulsation pauses every 15 seconds to remind you to move on to the next area.

4.Suitable For Bath And Shower

The SENSSE™ Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush can even be taken into the bath and shower, saving you those precious extra morning minutes.

5.Auto Shut-off After 3 Minutes

Following 3 minutes of inactivity the device automatically switches itself off to save battery.

6.180 Uses From Each Single Charge

Use up to 180 times on a fully charged battery (based on a minute of use each time).

Modes for use:


SENSSE™ State:


Glide in circular motions to gently yet effectively draw out any dirt and impurities.”


“Up to 3 minutes of standby mode giving you time to rinse and dry your face in between the deep cleansing mode and the anti-ageing mode.”


“Use the massaging bristles to massage around fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful glow.”

SENSSE’s Instructions For Use Are As Follows:

Apply your cleanser to moistened skin.

Gently glide over forehead, cheeks, nose and chin for 15 seconds on each area

Rinse and dry your face.

Use a moisturiser and activate anti-ageing mode to massage around wrinkles and fine lines.

Every SENSSE™ Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush comes with a 2-Year Warranty.

The SENSSE™ Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush is priced at £39.99 and available to buy at:


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