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Prevent Premature Aging With Swiss Clinic’s Unrivalled Day And Night Creams

During our twenties we begin to see the wretched signs of aging creep in. Thankfully, with Swiss Clinic’s exceptional Day and Night Creams, we can put a stop to this and get on with enjoying life. Read on:

Day Cream, £69,

Formulated with a rich supply of extensively researched and highly beneficial ingredients, Swiss Clinic has developed a day cream that will fully revitalise skin tissue, target and reduce fine lines, provide a lifting effect, even the skin tone and give your complexion a fresh and natural glow.

This advanced formula is specially infused with biometric peptides of which effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and premature aging.

Furthermore, this fantastic cream combines eight types of hyaluronic acids that are specifically formulated to reach deeper layers of skin, greatly improving the skin’s firmness, hydration and brightness.

Swiss clinic day cream

The benefits do not end there: Swiss Clinic’s Day Cream offers a pioneering delivery system using Niosomes, that work to increase and support the stability of these active ingredients. This cream also aids the natural hydrolipidic balance of the skin, ensuring deep protecting and moisturising qualities for the epidermis.

This extraordinary cream is created with an array of natural ingredients such as Shea butter, vitamin E, and bio-technological oils, of which offer superior regenerating and derma-protective qualities. These permeate deep into the skin, rejuvenating tissue, delivering full hydration and unrivalled skin luminosity.

Fruk loves this!

2.Swiss Clinic Night Cream, £74,

Swiss clinic night cream

Swiss Clinic targets and treats skin concerns in a unique and highly successful way. Swiss Clinic’s PENTA Technology provides a multi-dimensional approach to skincare by offering 5-fold benefits through a rich selection of highly researched and proven active ingredients. This technology is designed to restore, regenerate, penetrate, hydrate and nourish the skin – and it certainly ticks all the boxes, with almost immediate results.

This fabulous night cream is ideal for dehydrated and tired skin. The vegetal ingredients and bio-technological oils ensure regenerative and derma-protective properties are delivered deep into the skin to thoroughly revitalise tissue, banishing irksome fine lines.

The product also offers an infusion on biometric peptides to fight premature aging, whilst its superior combination of 8 hyaluronic acids reach even deeper to improve firmness, hydration and luminosity.

As with the day cream, this night cream also contains Niosomes (the delivery system of which improves the stability of active ingredients). Swiss Clinic has taken every step to ensure their highly beneficial components effectively treat every skin concern.

Additionally, this night cream includes components that drain away any puffiness that can be brought on whilst asleep.

Swiss Clinic’s Night Cream combines Centella Asiatica, due to its array of super-power abilities. These include stimulating the production of collagen, supporting skin elasticity, improving tone and effectively enhancing radiance. We love this extract!

Furthermore, the night cream also provides superior nourishing and repairing properties with its high quality vitamin E, Shea butter and beeswax!

These rich and readily absorbed creams are suitable for all skin types and is the go-to treatment in preventing premature aging and to enhance a beautiful, plump and radiant complexion!

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