Labiotte lipsticks
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Pucker Up: Korea’s Wine Lipstick Trend Is Here!

If (like us) beauty and wine come high on your list of priorities, then take a look at the latest craze to hit the headlines. Korea never lets us down with their innovative, quirky must-haves, and this new beauty trend is set to follow suit.

Labiotte lipsticks
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The Korean beauty brand Labiotte has created an ingenious line of lip products actually infused with wine! These lipsticks, lip balms and glosses all contain natural ingredients and – you guessed it –  wine! The Korean brand could have sold them, just on the cool idea. However, these beauty products apparently offer huge anti-aging benefits, too! The question you are probably asking is, ‘Where can I get some?’

The Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick collection provides these little treats from heaven in the form of little wine bottles containing wine extracts.

Labiotte lipsticks wine
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Tantalisingly good, the five available shades of lipstick include: Cabernet Red (a deep and rich rose hue), Malbec Burgundy (medium purple), Nebbiolo Red (gorgeous cherry-colour and Fruk’s favourite) and Shiraz Red (a blend of pink in red). These are priced between $2.50-$18.99.

Chateau Labiotte offers a gorgeous selection of lip tints to please your pout such as the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz red, and the Chateau Labiotte Lip Tint in Rose Coral. These are priced between $10-$12.

Labiotte lip tint
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Winter balm is a necessity during the winter months, and Chateau Labiotte’s Tinted Lip Whip (rose wine) is simply a must-have item for every lady’s purse. This beautifully presented balm is priced at $10.39 and is totally worth it.

Labiotte lip balm
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.If you’re more of a lip gloss girl, there are also six different glosses in various grape-inspired shades.

Fruk absolutely adores these gorgeous little lip goodies. What an amazing gift to add as a stocking filler (unless the stocking gift selection is for your grandad).



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