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Real Life Ken Suffers Necrosis Following Sixth Nose Job

The so-called real-life Ken doll Rodrigo Alves has undergone 43 cosmetic procedures costing just over £300,000, since 2004. Included in this amount, Rodrigo spent an eye-watering £48,000 on obtaining an artificial eight-pack and £24,000 on chest implants.

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However, it was the nasal surgery that caused the biggest problem. Following Rodrigo’s sixth nasal reconstruction in February this year, a hole appeared in his nose, which unfortunately developed. He was diagnosed and treated for necrosis (the death of human flesh). This illness caused Rodrigo’s nose to completely collapse.

In order to salvage his nose, Mr. Alves must now pay £50,000 for further nasal reconstruction in Berlin. For some, this could be considered as extremely risky treatment, given the fact that Rodrigo nearly died two years ago when he underwent a procedure to put fillers in his arms.

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Today, during the TV programme ‘This Morning’, Rodrigo stated that he did not consider the procedures to be an addiction, but more to do with maintenance. He explained that operations often go wrong, and further procedures are necessary to correct the problems that result from these failed operations.

Rodrigo also commented on his doll status. Mr. Alves said that suddenly he discovered he was being referred to as the real life Ken, but that it was never his intention to appear like a doll.

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On This Morning he was asked whether the bullying he experienced as a child might have caused insecurities that led him to surgery. To this, Rodrigo revealed that he was born into the wrong body. He stated that he had received psychological treatment for this, and now accepts who he is. Mr. Alves added that the bullying was a terrible experience. However, he explained that a hormonal imbalance prevented hime from having the ability to build muscle mass.

Rodrigo’s life story will soon be broadcasted in Germany. He hopes that after this next nose correcting surgery there will no more procedures.  Mr Alves says that his profession is a flight attendant. Given the pricey nature of cosmetic procedures, we wonder how much flight attendants actually earn.

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