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Red Lipstick Defined

The beauty of red lipstick has a hidden agenda. It creates a sense of art and brings out the glamour and elegance to the face. From Matt, to glossy to deep or bright , it has it’s own style and delicacy. It can update your look in an instant. Everyone has their own style of red and how they want to use it as there are different shades of Red. Some like it a fiery Red or some want to look classy. It all depends on the occasion and how you are feeling on the day.

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The recommended red lipstick is by MAC Make up and is called ‘Ruby Woo’. This has style and charm because it lures you in as soon as you try it. It also stays on your lips after eating a meal or a long rough night! Then again, it does not have to be a designer red lipstick for it too look good, it can be any type of Red lipstick. Not only does Red bring out the best in you, but it brings out the colour in you and makes you glow. It can be worn at any time in the day and even have your nails to match with it!

Red is revealed as the sexiest lip colour. Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s was an actress with feminine power. The snare of looking feminine but remaining powerful was such a glorious notion. The actress looked absolutely gorgeous wearing red lipstick and used it as her own possession. Why do some women avoid wearing it? It should not be classed as an avoidance, it should be used for confidence and assurance.  Even the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, the words that come out of it.

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