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Could it be this good?

Rejuvulva: Don’t Laugh – It’s The New Thing!

You may think that the odd available cosmetic procedures – such as butt implants may be going a tad overboard. However, now there’s an actual procedure that may well have been inspired by Twilight movies. The treatment is called ‘Rejuvulva’, and yes the idea behind it is to rejuvenate the vulva. Apparently, the procedure achieves some much sought after results such as tightening the vagina, a plumper looking nun, heightened stimulation, and thus many more orgasms! Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

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Now, in the interest of ladies who are already considering putting in some overtime to pay for this amazing new treatment – remember, opportunities with this much potential always come with a downside. So, if you’re thinking ‘how bad can this possibly be?’ you may like to read how this procedure is actually carried out.

Firstly, my reference to Twilight was pertinent. Rejuvulva basically consists of injecting your own blood into your unmentionable. This miracle treatment really comes straight from the devil, as your blood (platelet rich plasma) is injected straight into the tissue in your vajayjay.

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Is it worth it?

Experts in this field have heralded ‘Rejuvulva’ as highly effective, particularly for ladies suffering from urinary incontinence and painful sex. .

Dr. Daniel Sister and aesthetic nurse, Claudia McCloin are responsible for creating the mind-blowing treatment. Although it sounds properly gruesome, the risks are minimal. As the client is receiving their own product, (so to speak), there’s no chance of allergy or infection. Currently, ‘Rejuvulva’ is available only at their clinics, found in London and Ireland.

Having this procedure does come at a high price – and I’m not being metaphorical here. The procedure will set you back £800. However, the effects are supposed to last for a year. On the plus side, the procedure takes a mere half hour of hell, and you should be walking away £800 lighter but with a massive smile on your face!

When Harry met Sally's Meg Ryan
Could it be this good?