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Return To Hogwarts – The Harry Potter Reunion

It seems only yesterday that we said goodbye to Harry, Ron, and Hermione on Platform 9 and ¾ for the end of the Harry Potter series. It has now been 10 years since the last film and 20 years since we were welcomed into the Wizarding World. Shown back on New Years Day, the Harry Potter reunion was one that so many had been waiting for and it certainly didn’t disappoint.


Old favourites back together


The cast came together at Warner Brothers Studio Tour to relive some of their favourite moments from the films and from the making of the films. Not only did we get to see our favourite golden trio back together, there were visits from some fan favourites as well as each director that brought the Potter world alive. A special mention went to Chris Columbus, who directed the first two films. Regularly overlooked, Columbus was a pioneer in bringing the world of Harry Potter from page to screen and did so in a brilliant way. 

It was lovely to see old friends back together, sharing significant moments from filming and growing up on the Potter set. However, it was also refreshing seeing some duos come together that fans wouldn’t necessarily think of. There were some great moments from Emma Watson and Robbie Coltrane. Watson stated that Coltrane was so kind with them as children and she appreciated that. A chaotic duo was Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe, reliving Radcliffe’s job as Bonham Carter’s coaster during times on set and their obvious love and appreciation for each other.

Set secrets


Fans got to experience the book and film series that they fell in love with and grew up with all over again. Seeing the different sets, their favourite actors and characters speak about the films with such love and appreciation was wonderful. This reunion reminded fans of why they loved and cherished this series so much, the values and morals of the series and how important it was to them. Hearing stories from the cast not only about the making of the films, but the relationships, friendships and bonds formed during filming.

Emotional scenes


Nearing the end of the reunion, both cast and audience alike couldn’t help but shed some tears. A heartfelt tribute to everyone who was part of the series that had sadly passed away was a real memorable moment. It was important too, especially with many of both cast and crew passing away recently. A segment focusing on the likes of Helen McCroy and Alan Rickman, two actors who shaped and helped so many people was quite difficult to watch but it was needed. 

Hearing the cast speak about their experience working and growing up on the set also brought along some tears. Finishing with the golden trio; Daniel, Emma, and Rupert, expressing their love and admiration for each other but their fans and all the cast and crew, was the perfect way to end the reunion.

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