Time Bomb peel and reveal
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Reverse Time With Time Bomb’s Peel And Reveal

Ladies, reverse the irksome effects of time with Time Bomb’s Throwback Thursday: Overnight Peel and Reveal. This peel will throwback the consequences of a harsh winter, replacing the face of age with the face of your younger self – in the morning you will look in the mirror to find a smooth, fresh, luminous complexion.

We love the amazing results provided by Time Bomb products such as Over-Exposed, and couldn’t wait to try out their new product: Throwback Thursday: Overnight Peel and Reveal.

This fabulous two-step treatment delivers on its promise to reduce the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and unsightly pores. This peel ensures rejuvenated and smooth skin that boasts an even tone and beautiful luminosity.

How Does It Work?

Time Bomb peel and reveal
Credit: timebombco.com

Time Bomb has combined extensively researched and tested ingredients to create two superior formulas for ultimate skin restoring results. The revolutionary system includes a safe yet superior, at home chemical peel and dermabrasion, that guarantees outstanding skin resurfacing effects.

What’s Included:

Step 1: Peel AHA Serum (25ml) Chemical Exfoliation

Time bomb peel and reveal
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The AHA serum (considered by top dermatologists to be key ingredients for skin rejuvenation) should be applied before going to bed. Combining a specific blend of citric, glycolic, lactic and malic acids which work hard while you sleep to dissolve the skin’s top layer of dry and dead skin cells.

Begin by applying 1-2 full droppers of the serum and smooth into the skin, steering clear of the eyes!

Once this is applied you will feel a slight tingling on the skin, which means it is working.

Step 2: Reveal Dermabrasion Cream (40ml) Mechanical Exfoliation

Time Bomb has included exceptional components such as alumina oxide fine-edged micro crystals in this clinic-worthy formula. The outcome is effective mechanical removal of loosened dead skin cells.

When you wake up apply a blob (about the size of a 2 pence coin) of dermabrasion cream to slightly damp skin. Rub in circular motions for a couple of minutes before thoroughly rinsing off. Remember to avoid your eyes!

This very gentle once-weekly process will achieve brighter, firmer, smoother and younger looking skin that will result in no end of compliments and envy. #Complexion heaven!

Time Bomb’s Peel and Reveal is suitable for all skin types and can even be used on sensitive skin.

Time Bomb Peel and Reveal is priced at £48 and is available at: https://www.timebombco.com and QVC.

Time Bomb collection
Credit: timebombco.com

Time Bomb’s skincare expert, Michaella Bolder says:

“The first step in overhauling your winter complexion is an exfoliation to get rid of the dead cells that build up on skin’s surface, adding years to your appearance. And, revealing the fresh, glowing skin that’s hiding beneath. The most effective way to do this is with Time Bomb’s Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel and Reveal.”

Superstar Lulu and Fruk love Time Bomb’s Peel and Reveal. Tell us what you think!

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