Rihanna and Prince Harry take HIV test in Barbados

Rihanna and Prince Harry take a public HIV test to raise awareness on World Aids Day during Barbados’ 50th anniversary of independence.

The British royal and Diamond singer take Barbados for the World AIDS Day at the Man Aware event in Bridgetown. According to the video below, both were finger prick tested which produced a negative result in 20 minutes for the pair.

Following his late mother Princess Diana’s steps, Harry campaigns to raise awareness and end stigma towards those suffering from HIV. This is the second test Harry has taken publicly in recent times. In July he took the same test live on Facebook in front of several cameras in London which the result produced was also negative.

While speaking to HIV expert Dr Amok Kumar during his visit to a Barbados hospital on Wednesday, Harry said: “I want to say to everyone who hadn’t been tested – get tested, regardless of who you are, your background, culture or religion.” 

Referring to the success of antiretroviral medicine which stops HIV turning into the more deadly AIDS, he further said: “Because of the success of these drugs, which is great, we are now suffering from complacency and risk going back 10 or 20 years.”

Harry has vowed to continue his mother’s legacy in campaigning to end the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.