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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: What our favourite queens are up to now

Ru Paul’s Drag Race U.K Season 2 was possibly one of the best seasons yet. With such a stellar cast, it was bound to be a hit with both old and new viewers. Giving U.K drag that platform has transformed so many lives, including all of our favourites from the second season. Here are what our favourite queens are up to now.

Lawrence Chaney:

Our crowned queen of Season 2 has been super busy since winning this season. Not only has she announced her book, Lawrence Chaney: Drag Queen of Scots, but Lawrence also joined Season 1’s U.K winner, The Vivienne, in two episodes of the Netflix series, I Like To Watch as well as performing in countless shows.

Bimini Bon Boulash:

Since the final, it seems that Bimini hasn’t stopped. They signed with the label Next Models and their ‘self-help’ book, ‘A Drag Queen’s Guide to Life’,  is also available to pre-order. A mural of Bimini was created in Norwich, their hometown. However, this was sadly painted over soon after its creation. They have appeared in countless shoots, including Vogue and Notion Magazine. Bimini’s new single, God Save This Queen, is also available to stream now.


Tayce has been slaying since the finale, featuring on the cover of Attitude in April and launching a lingerie line, with A’Whora, The Bluebella Pride. She also announced being signed with Models 1 agency both in-drag and out of drag. Appearing in the music video for Little Mix’s single ‘Confetti’ with fellow queens, A’Whora and Bimini, Tayce is also in an official partnership with both Coca-Cola and Heinz. 

Ellie Diamond:

Although Ellie has been rather quiet since the end of the show, her stunning looks just keep coming. Scrolling through her socials is just an absolute dream. She has been booked for quite a few shows this summer, as well as the RPDR UK tour next year.


A’Whora is being celebrated for the fabulous queen that she is; she has been booked on countless shows and events since the end of the show. This includes the United Kingdolls tour along with Lawrence Chaney, Tayce, and Bimini. A’Whora also appeared on the Gay Times summer edition cover of the magazine. She also raised over £2,500 for Trans Lives. 

Sister Sister:

Along with the rest of the season 2 queens, Sister Sister will be starring in the tour next year. Some fabulous new merchandise is now available on her website, including clothing with her iconic blue lip look. She has also spoken out about the horrific reception she received from fans of the show, stating that the death threats took a toll on her mental health. Thankfully, after this interview, Sister was flooded with support from her fellow queens.

Tia Kofi:

Not only did Tia do a complete 360 on her style and makeup looks, but she has also been getting the attention we all know she deserves.  Recently, Tia has released two singles, Outside In and Look What You’ve Done. As well as appearing in countless shows and tours, she has also appeared on an episode of I Like To Watch, with The Vivienne.

Joe Black:

After leaving the show, Joe auctioned off the famous H&M dress that caused such a revolt. One lucky fan won the iconic dress; which helped raise money for Sussex Beacon, a charity supporting and helping people with HIV. H&M also donated £5,000 to the cause. Joe has also announced her own tour, the Deco Punk Tour, for September this year.

Veronica Green:

One of the saddest moments of this season was finding out Veronica would no longer be on our screens. Thankfully she has been invited to next season’s shows and has been more than busy. Fans can enjoy her debut single, Stars, which was released in March, and was also written and produced by Strictly Come Dancing music producer, Ian Masterson.

Ginny Lemon:

The biggest announcement from Ginny is their collaboration with Lucy and Yak, one of the most popular sustainable clothing brands right now. ‘Zest friends’ boasts extravagant prints and funky dungarees. Ginny is also involved in lots of shows this summer alongside some of their fellow queens.

Asttina Mandella:

Still slaying, Asttina has been performing since the show ended. However, shortly after the finale, Asttina announced that her mother had passed away. This announcement was greeted with floods of support from fellow RPDR contestants and fans alike.

Cherry Valentine:

Cherry has contented her work as a nurse, but recently released her debut single, Aesthetic. She will also be appearing on the UK Drag Race tour, as well as speaking on a panel at Manchester Pride later this year.

All 12 of this season queens will feature in the U.K tour next year.

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